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A Comprehensive, Commonsense Approach

Dissatisfied by conventional protocols, I took a more common-sense approach to my own type 1 diabetes. I soon lowered my blood sugar to non-diabetic levels, where they’ve remained for more than a decade.

I’ll take an equally personalized, in-depth approach to your health. Using the diagnostic tools of functional medicine, I’ll discover the underlying sources of your health challenge. I’ll consider every pertinent aspect of your biochemistry, going far beyond what conventional and most alternative doctors consider. This is a big part of why I’m able to help people whom other physicians couldn’t help, all without the use of prescription drugs.

Food is Medicine

As a naturopathic doctor and nutritionist, I know what a powerful medicine food can be. We’ll talk about diet and set realistic goals. I may prescribe supplements as well as lifestyle changes to help you achieve the good health you deserve. Not everything has to happen at once. But once you start waking up feeling healthier and happier, changing old habits will become easier and easier. 

Finding the Root Cause of Chronic Conditions

I’ll look beyond conventional diagnoses to discover the root cause of your symptoms and health concerns. The same symptoms in different people can be the result of different dysfunctions. I’ve successfully treated patients diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, skin conditions, digestive disturbances—which are often related to food sensitivities—and other chronic issues.


Normalize and maintain your blood sugar levels. Learn more.

Thyroid Problems

Solve weight gain, fatigue, and brain fog issuesLearn more.

Digestive Concerns

Find and correct the source of your digestion problemsLearn more.

Measure the real indicators of cardiovascular risk and health. Learn more.

“Dr. Attar really attends to details. During our thorough office appointment, he came up with a plan. The details of everything we’d talked about were sitting in my inbox by the time I got home.”


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